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Avengers, aggregate!!

Avengers, aggregate!! published on 3 Comments on Avengers, aggregate!!

Few people felt the loss of Google Reader as keenly as Alexandra Samuel (and I say that as someone who has fantasized publicly about a code extraction team liberating Reader from the Googleplex before they can deliver the coup de grace.)

My wife and partner relies heavily on Reader as part of her workflow, so when Google announced that Reader is going the way of the dodo, the passenger pigeon and Wave, her anger and grief spilled freely – and eloquently – into her Twitter stream.

I’m not sure if Google’s leadership has any appetite at all for revisiting that decision – it’s not the sort of thing they’ve backed down from in the past. But I hope they’ll consider the fact that Reader can still inspire this kind of loyalty.

Meanwhile, these tweets inspired me to draw this. And while I drew it for her, it’s for everyone who feels this way.



Two secret agents outside Google Headquarters: 'It's a quick in-and-out: I'll create a diversion, you rescue Google Reader, and we'll rendezvous at GitHub.'

Google Reader: help is on its way

Google Reader: help is on its way published on 2 Comments on Google Reader: help is on its way

Instead of the sobbing rant that I feel like writing about Google Reader’s impending demise, I’ll leave it at this: it’s the one service I use absolutely every day. More than Facebook, more than Twitter. A key part of how I engage with the open web has just given notice, and I’m not sure yet how I’ll replace it – especially with something I can use across apps and platforms.

On the upside, I finally have a cartoon that looks like it might be part of the Previously on capsule summaries. (Please note the sidearm pictured fires Chuck-style tranq darts. If that.) My hope is that these two are actually Googlers themselves… and that turns out to be an officially sanctioned mission. It wouldn’t be the first time.

* * *

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