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(Facilitator at a whiteboard where Google Apps for Getting Shit DONE is circled, speaking to a group. One woman has her hand raised.) So unless anyone has any suggestions, I think we have our new brand identit— yes, Megan?

We also considered “Momentary Apps in Judgement”

We also considered “Momentary Apps in Judgement” published on 2 Comments on We also considered “Momentary Apps in Judgement”

Google has just announced that “Google Apps for Business” are (is?) being renamed “Google Apps for Work“. And as someone who does a lot of work with the nonprofit and government sectors, I’m giving that branding a thumbs-up.

That said, it would make me happy to think that there were at least a few days when “Google Apps for Getting Shit Done” was a real contender.

 [emoji cheering megaphone]

Hey, there’s this thing where you tell jokes instead of drawing them. I believe the kids call it the standing-up comedy.

And I’m going to be doing it on Wednesday, October 15th at 7:00 pm, at the La Fontana Caffe. There’s no cover charge, and the venue (on Hastings Street at Boundary) gets a lot of love on Yelp. Come on down! More details here.

Open Mic Comedy at La Fontana Caffe

Facilitator: We're brainstorming here, and there are no dumb ideas. But if we weren't brainstorming, that would have been a really, really dumb idea.


Brainstorming published on No Comments on Brainstorming

No dumb questions. (Cough, snicker, eyeroll.)