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Woman with smart watch: In the long run, I want to hack it to deflect bullets. For now, it just plays the Wonder Woman theme.

Invisible airplane sold separately

Invisible airplane sold separately published on No Comments on Invisible airplane sold separately

Yesterday was Alex‘s birthday, and inveterate early adopter that she is, I figure she’s probably the kind of person who could push an Apple Watch (or any smartwatch) to its limits.

More to the point, she’s the kind of person who recognizes that whatever smartwatches are now, they’ll probably be something very different in a few years—not just in features, but in the uses we’ll have found and the ways we’ll integrate them into our daily lives. (The fact that “iPhone” still has the word “phone” in it already feels kind of like an artifact of history.)

Right now, of course, both price and availability are restricting this newest Apple product to early adopters and people who just must own the latest and greatest. (These are distinct groups, but a lot of eye-rolling directed at the latter is deflecting onto the former.) The same happened with the iPhone and Google Glass; the iPhone ended up with some much more affordable options, and although Glass is getting a revamp, it’s far from dead. For all the ribbing new Apple Watch owners are getting, chances are that a lot of us will be joining them sooner or later—if not with the Apple offering, then with something similar.

Are you taking the plunge? And are you going Apple, Android, Pebble… or something else?