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From our vaults: for the GTD crowd

From our vaults: for the GTD crowd published on No Comments on From our vaults: for the GTD crowd

I’m in the middle of writing up the post to accompany this week’s ReadWriteWeb cartoon, which is about productivity tools. And I’ve just realized I’ve never posted this thing here. I made it and posted it to my blog several years ago after being very impressed with David Allen’s book, but feeling a little pessimistic at the prospects of my actually making it work.

As it turned out, the book really did make a difference. Nobody would ever mistake me for a professional organizer, but it helped me get more on top of things than I’d been in a long time.

Getting Things Drawn

Getting Things Drawn published on No Comments on Getting Things Drawn

If I’m sounding a little more breathless, a touch more excited, a wee bit more giddy than you usually find me, well, there’s a reason.

The heroic folks at Getting Things Done (why, yes, that Getting Things Done) just blogged my business-book-sequel cartoon on GTD Times. (I can well understand why they blogged that cartoon and not, say, this.)

If you haven’t heard of Getting Things Done – or, as author David Allen’s fans call it, GTD – and you’re hoping to raise your personal productivity, then definitely check out the blog and look into GTD.