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Who are you wearing? …Okay, what version?

Who are you wearing? …Okay, what version? published on 2 Comments on Who are you wearing? …Okay, what version?

“Hey,” I thought a week or two ago as I typed the write-up for this cartoon about wearable technology, “that last line would make a pretty good cartoon on its own.” And now here we are. Enjoy the Oscars tonight.

I’m wearing a Fitbit Flex myself. My quantified self turns out to walk roughly half as much as Alex does, which has tempted me to secretly buy one of those paint can shakers, keep it in a closet at NOW, and duct tape my Flex to it for 20 minutes a day.

(On re-reading, “duct tape my Flex to it” sounds kinda filthy. And painful. And permanent.)

By the way, since I mentioned the Flex, the good folks at iFixit did a teardown of one, in case you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside it. (They put the “tear” in teardown, using a hacksaw and what appears to be the dentist’s drill from Marathon Man.)

One last thing: if you’re discerning enough to know about the good folks at Adafruit Industries, then the version below is for you. (It’s also for them, because their customer service is freaking awesome.)