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You’ve seen them on The Huffington Post, ReadWriteWeb, PC World and Treehugger. Now see Noise to Signal cartoons on your own wall.

Signed prints

Get a signed Noise to Signal print on archival 8-1/2×11″ paper, suitable for framing, for $35 US plus shipping! Just let me know which print you’d like.

Limited-edition prints

The first three limited-edition prints are now available, with a run of 150 each. These are 8-by-10 prints, hand-numbered, captioned and signed by the cartoonist in his own blood (ixnay on the oodblay: apparently that raises certain international shipping issues – ed.) and shipped flat.

The price for a limited-edition print is $200. But to reward early adopters, the first 25 editions of each cartoon will sell for $125 each.

Here are the three cartoons. (Note the actual prints will not have the border or the Noise to Signal logo – just the cartoon artwork.) To order, just click the “buy now” button. And thank you!

1. Unsaved changes

Unsaved Changes


2. Spiritual void

Spiritual Void


3. Monetize it

Monetize It


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