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We are the world… we are the night elves…

We are the world… we are the night elves… published on 1 Comment on We are the world… we are the night elves…

You might think I’m mocking gamers here. I’m not, actually – I just got seized by the idea. I’d love – love – to see a charity set up something to let you contribute World of Warcraft gold to them. (There’s a market for WoW gold, so in theory this should actually be possible.) It’s not unprecedented – the American Cancer Society raised a little over $274,000 last year with their Relay for Life in Second Life (I just dropped by ACS in Second Life, and confirmed that it’s on for this year, too – July 17-18.)

By the way, if you’re looking for ways to help the people of Haiti, the CBC has a list of agencies doing relief work there. My U.S. readers may find this list compiled by the people at Convio handy – along with this article from the Nation.

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That's a really interesting idea. I know that Blizzard generally frowns on goldreal currency exchanges. But maybe they'd make an exception for charities?

As you mentioned, Second Life offers a LindenUS Currency exchange. And I believe that the massively multiplayer space sim EVE Online supports a similar system. Wonder if either of those two games would be up for something like you suggest?

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