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No, I DON’T want to hear about how spike proteins and Antifa are causing critical race theory. Go the hell to sleep.

Wake up, sheeple!

Wake up, sheeple! published on

Good news for people who believe in alternate universes: Turns out you can create your own, and trap people from this one there. All you need is a media empire, some cynical political allies, a few social networks with easily-gamed algorithms, and a diffuse sense of grievance to amplify. Schrödinger may have laid the groundwork, but it took Rupert Murdoch to build the first full-scale prototype.

On a related note: I’m as prone to doomscrolling as anyone. I’m trying to break the habit… but sometimes it’s good to remember we’re facing some big, dire actual challenges — and that we need to act on them.

Still, it isn’t always healthy. I drew this fella to help remind me to put the phone down sometimes:

Viktor Von Doom, scrolling on a phone