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Vogue meets PC World

Vogue meets PC World published on 1 Comment on Vogue meets PC World

Jolie O’Dell sparked a fascinating thread on marketing to geek women – specifically, marketing cutesy pink stuff to them.

Okay, so maybe there is a long-tail market for Barbie’s Dream Server Farm. But my experience in shopping for consumer electronics says there’s plenty of room for folks who sell technology of all kinds to get a little more savvy on how gender relations have changed.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked into tech stores with Alexandra and had the salesman (I use that word advisedly) glom onto me… despite the fact that Alex is the household video, audio and telecommunications geek. Some get it after a few not-too-subtle hints (Alex: “Now is that true MEMC 240Hz, or just scanning backlight?” me: “TV’s hard! (giggle)”), but a surprising number of them can’t seem to resist directing their pitch exclusively to me.

I’d like to think times have changed from the days when cars were sold to women on the basis of how many cupholders they had. (The cars, not the women.) But I wonder.

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Hehehe they haven't. I bought a car a few months ago and brought my (male) fiance along as a co-signer and, despite the fact I was the one writing out the 2k check and asking questions, the salesman looked at my fiance the whole time. HUGELY annoying, though I didn't even think that the same thing might happen with other products, like consumer electronics.

Conversely, I wonder what would happen if a man and woman ask for some help at Williams and Sonoma or Pottery Barn or something. Think they'd pay all their attention to the woman? Ick.

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