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#tombstonetuesday for gamers

#tombstonetuesday for gamers published on No Comments on #tombstonetuesday for gamers

Wow… on a sudden whim I searched on “spirituality” and “video games”, and came up with 45 million hits. Some of these are of the “zap the temptations before they reach the sinner!” Flash-game variety, but others delve a little more deeply and meaningfully into the subject.

And no wonder. Between multiple lives, higher powers, predestination and the creation of evanescent world where we live brief lives before returning to this one, video games raise a lot of the Big Looming Questions.

From this, we can conclude that

  1. Cheat codes are blasphemy.
  2. That moment when your game controller just doesn’t seem to work on your avatar is probably free will in action.
  3. Every time you reboot your platform, you’re causing an apocalypse.

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