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The… horror. The… horror.

The… horror. The… horror. published on No Comments on The… horror. The… horror.

By now, the web is replete with stories from social media mavens, reporters and ordinary folk who innocently logged into Chatroulette, just to, um, check it out because they’d heard it was, um, interesting.

And then they discovered that, yes, it’s exactly like what people said it was. They saw people touching themselves in Very Private Places. People exposing themselves. People holding up dirty words on pieces of paper. People reading Ayn Rand. And worse.

And then, just when they’d finally reached someone who appeared normal and started to chat with them, that person would click away from them.

It’s StumbleUpon meets speed-dating, an opportunity to make your eyeballs bleed and your soul recoil while delivering devastating body blows to your ego. And isn’t that what social media is all about?

This is cartoon number one of a special triple-update day, in honour of all the lovely folks who’ve joined Noise to Signal’s Facebook fan page and pushed us over the 500 mark! Thanks – and a shout-out to Mr. 500 himself, Tod Maffin!

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