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The Business of Podcasting #1: Storytime

The Business of Podcasting #1: Storytime published on 1 Comment on The Business of Podcasting #1: Storytime

Here’s the first in a series of eight cartoons from the fab new podcasting book, The Business of Podcasting by Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin. (You’ll find a new one here every Monday for the next eight weeks.)

Whether you’re a podcasting veteran hoping to channel your passion into an income, or a newbie to the mic who’s excited about the medium’s possibilities, this book could be your new best friend. The focus is on solid practical advice, grounded in the wealth of experience offered by its authors. And that’s a lot of experience: you just won’t find a broader, deeper background in podcasting.

I damn near jumped out of my chair when Donna asked if I’d like to cartoon for The Business of Podcasting, because a) I have tremendous respect for her and the work she’s done over the years, and b) I have a longstanding love of podcasting (and, you won’t be surprised, radio).

A few years ago, I created a limited-run series called The Social Speech Podcast (about using social media to extend the impact of your public speaking). And as much fun as it was to talk with smart folks like Nancy Duarte about public speaking, I enjoyed the audio work—the recording, the editing, the polishing—just as much. Storytelling with sound and speech is a joy, and I hope this book helps a lot of people couple that joy to their professional success.

The Business of Podcasting is available in paperback and for Kindle. Check out the book’s website here.

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