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(mom yelling upstairs) And don't come down until you've confronted your race, class and gender privilege, young man!

Point of privilege

Point of privilege published on 1 Comment on Point of privilege

Let’s see: my hairline’s been receding since I was 30. I have a 32″ waist and a 38″ chest, which seem to be the first sizes of clothes to sell out.

(As a white middle-class heterosexual university-educated cis-gendered able-bodied man…)

People don’t always want to talk about how cute my kids are. Canadian Netflix has a much smaller selection than American Netflix.

(…I figured it would be a lot faster to count the ways I’m not privileged than to count the ways I am.)

I don’t like eggplant, and restaurants keep putting it in friggin’ everything. And… uh…

(I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.)

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