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You mess up, we break your thumb… drive.

You mess up, we break your thumb… drive. published on No Comments on You mess up, we break your thumb… drive.Purchase print

Corrupt cops and politicians? Bruno and me, we like ’em. Corrupt removable media? Naw, that ain’t so good. That’s the sort of thing that makes me and Bruno upset. And when we get upset, we like to hack things.

Only Bruno, here, he doesn’t hack with a computer, you get what I’m sayin’? He’s more like what you’d call a social engineer, except he beats the crap outta you.

We’re lettin’ you off light, you know: muss up your hair a little, wrinkle that shirt up, give ya something to think about. But lemme tell you: if Kingston Technology gets wind of this, you’re gonna be ejectin’ body organs and unmounting bones. You hear me?

Now get lost.

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