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Two gunslingers square off in the old west. One says, "Now, hold on, Jake. Are we really fixin' to shoot each other over a corral that's, let's face it, okay at best?

Kerfuffle at the So-So Saloon

Kerfuffle at the So-So Saloon published on

I’ve had some early indications that there may be a generational divide over this cartoon — that many of those under, say, 30 may not understand the reference.

I’m not going to explain it.

I’m not going to link to a Wikipedia article that explains it.

I’m not going to invite people to explain it in the comments.

I’ve started blank-faced at enough memes and reaction GIFs over the past few years that I figure, maybe it’s someone else’s turn not to get the joke.

…Oh, fine.