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Just not my type

Just not my type published on No Comments on Just not my type

There’s a special appeal that Myers-Briggs personality types hold for folks in the online space. Maybe it’s because of the appeal of a simple yet exhaustive taxonomy that can capture the whole spectrum of human variation. Maybe it’s because you can quantify it, plot it on a graph and measure it against other people’s – kind of like Klout for your soul.

Or maybe because people can drop it into a Twitter bio, and reveal their inner selves in just four characters, which helpfully leaves room for the words “passionate about B2B marketing for rotor arm assemblies” along with that that quote that Gandhi apparently never said.

Whatever the reason, it at least suggests that in a world so often dominated by metrics and conversions, we’re still up for a little introspection. Especially if it leads to an embeddable web badge. I take comfort from that.

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