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Infographobia published on No Comments on Infographobia

Adding a word like “infographic” to a spell check dictionary is the sort of unpleasant task that, like butchering animals, should probably be done out of sight of the end user.

I’m not sure why I’ve grown to dislike infographics so much. As a visual guy (hence the cartoons, right?) I wholeheartedly endorse graphic communication. But like so many other things, infographics are often conscripted into the ongoing War Against Informed Decision-Making. Not all of them: just the ones that are all graphic and no info (if that), or that use wild, unsourced statistics to back up an untenable position (which just so happens to support the need for the publisher’s product, service or policy prescription).

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I haven’t drawn fan art since high school (gads – more than thirty years), but there’s something irresistible about Noelle Stevenson‘s Nimona. So in response to Tuesday’s rampaging hellbeast triggering “LOCKDOWN INITIATED IN LEVELS B1 – B3,” here’s my take on how that’s going over one floor up:


When’s the last time you doodled something fan-art-like? Was it a Snoopy? A Lisa Simpson? An X-wing fighter?

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