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My humps

My humps published on No Comments on My humps

It may not look like it, but this cartoon was 16 years in the making. (Give that drawing a driver’s license!)

I first had the idea for it in 1998. I can even remember where: the NOW Communications office at 401 West Georgia. I related it to a few friends, who snickered and urged me to draw it, so I did.

And discovered I really couldn’t draw camels. I’d say they looked like hideously mutated cows, except I couldn’t draw cows, either. (Still can’t. It’s a form of lactose intolerance.)

But a decade and a half makes a difference. So here you go.

By the way, I’m pretty sure this is the first Noise to Signal cartoon ever to be not just drawn on paper (a rarity itself these days), but colored on it, too. Downright artisanal.

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