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(Woman with several Pokémon for sale, explaining why she is bankrupt) Data charges.

How’s the Magikarp trading against the dollar?

How’s the Magikarp trading against the dollar? published on No Comments on How’s the Magikarp trading against the dollar?

This cartoon idea popped into my head when I came across this adorable post by the good folks at OpenMedia, cleverly connecting the Pokémon GO phenomenon with data caps.

(I came across the post early in the week, which tells you something about the kind of week it’s been and also how long it takes me to draw Pokémon.)

I’m a big fan of OpenMedia’s work on behalf of an open, affordable and surveillance-free Internet. They have their work cut out for them, because that vision of the Internet is being attacked on all fronts. OpenMedia is campaigning to stop link censorship and toll-gating, defeat the TPP’s assault on digital rights, protect net neutrality from telecos that want to shunt big chunks of the net into the slow lane; and much more. I hope you’ll consider supporting them.

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