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Twitter scientist: At last - I've invented the carriage return!

Give Twitter a (line) break

Give Twitter a (line) break published on No Comments on Give Twitter a (line) break

Thanks to a Twitter feature update, you can now include line breaks in your tweets. Judging by some of the reaction out there, t may mean a monetization opportunity – “Read your Twitter stream: Free. Read your Twitter stream minus line breaks and animated GIFs: $50/month.

I for one like ’em. (And animated GIFs, actually.) Sure, we’re likely to see a lot of annoying uses. And let me be the first to predict that the phrase “Best. (Insert noun). EVER.” will soon become

(Insert noun).

But in a medium that gives us the Emoji character set, I don’t see this as the straw that line-breaks the camel’s back.

Many happy carriage returns, people.

* * *

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