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(woman sitting in living room talking to drone while man sits in kitchen with remote control) Yes, Greg, I'm still mad.

For one thing, you still fly that damn thing indoors.

For one thing, you still fly that damn thing indoors. published on No Comments on For one thing, you still fly that damn thing indoors.Purchase print

I think we may be on the verge of a breakthrough in using automated devices to help resolve relationship difficulties. Conversational bots, for example, could deliver and accept apologies when emotions are running too high for the people involved to do it without losing their cool.

BOT A: I am sorry for the thing I did.
BOT B: Thank you for acknowledging your culpability in this regard.
BOT A: To be specific, I am sorry that you overreacted.
BOT B: Algorithm rates apology as “Insincere.” Deploying countermeasures.
BOT A: Inbound virus detected. Attemptinm02kYu98;”{syeio SCRREEEEEEEEEE (silence)

Or, if you aren’t prepared for an intense conversation, automation can help you avoid having to make awkward, flimsy excuses:

Ruth: Let’s talk about our relationship.
Gina: Sure. (whispers) Alexa! Evasive maneuvers, pattern Delta Bravo!
Alexa™: Adjusting Nest thermostat. Playing Beyonce with volume set to 11.
Ruth: (yells) Actually, never mind! It’s hot as hell in here and I can’t hear a word you’re saying!

The possibilities are limitless. That said, if you auto DM me on Twitter, you’re still dead to me. Some things don’t change.

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