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Hey, Noise to Signallers… I have a favour to ask.

My wife, partner and unindicted co-conspirator Alexandra Samuel has just released a new e-book today, Work Smarter with LinkedIn, published by Harvard Business Review Press. (It’s the latest in her Work Smarter with Social Media series.) It’s a short guide, packed with practical advice on using LinkedIn to be more effective on the job and out in the world.

If you wanted to buy a copy, that would be fantastic. But even if you don’t have the four dollars (or less!) the book costs, would you be able to take a few seconds to help spread the word about it right now?

Work Smarter with LinkedIn pinnable graphicThose links all point to Amazon, but the book’s also available on iBooks, Kobo and the HBR site itself (where you can get PDF, mobi and ePub versions).

Oh… and here’s a lightly-(cough)-branded version of the cartoon you can share on your Pinterest or Pinstagram or whatever it is the kids are using nowadays.

Many, many thanks, people.


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