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Alternate version of cartoon with @biz

Caption contest winner: congratulations, Abhiroop Basu!

Caption contest winner: congratulations, Abhiroop Basu! published on No Comments on Caption contest winner: congratulations, Abhiroop Basu!

Congratulations to Abhiroop Basu. It was a tough field, but he narrowly edged out Jon Seymour’s “The consequences of failing to switch your device to flight mode prior to take off.”

A few other great entries from Noise to Signal’s readers:

  • Jess Sloss lends a new urgency to rickrolling with “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”
  • Mary Skiba-Lofy’s warning will probably resonate with Amazon S3 customers: “Who knew cloud computing could be so hazardous????!!?”
  • Tim McAlpine has a sinister take on Twitter’s recruitment strategy: “Twitter continues buying spree. This time going beyond apps with the recent acquisition of both @scobleizer and @guykawasaki. Is @ladygaga next?”
  • John Erle Mundle gives us LOTR 2.0 with “Ring destroyed. Mount Doom in ruins. Can’t wait to see the Shire. Strange urge for strawberries and cream. #hobbitsftw”
  • Speaking of literature, Boris Mann evokes the white fail whale with “Call me @Ishmael”.
  • And in a similar vein, Boyd Neil gives us a fervent “Don’t *Fail* me now”.
  • Tris Hussey has a little career advice: “To my friends who thought being a social media consultant was for the birds…”
  • Mike Fitzsimon offers “Mums are right. Who knew? RT @KathysMum: Kathy, you are getting so carried away by this Twitter thing”.

And finally, via email (because he – gasp! – isn’t on Facebook), Eric Andersen submitted four grin-inducing suggestions, including this one:

“Wait,” Bob tweeted, “The Twittersphere is *between* the stratosphere and troposphere?”

Thanks so much, everyone, for the entries! And my thanks to Jordan Behan and Strutta for letting me take their Facebook contest platform for a spin.

Updated: Abhiroop blogs, “perhaps I should have put @biz instead of ‘Biz Stone'”. POOF!

Alternate version of cartoon with @biz

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