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Bright + shiny = We need a strategy!

Bright + shiny = We need a strategy! published on 1 Comment on Bright + shiny = We need a strategy!

If you’ve been hauled into your boss’s office and handed a business magazine with some new social network splashed across the front page – “Flegmar: The hottest thing since GorbMeSilly!” – and told, “We need a Flegmar strategy right now!”

…then this cartoon’s for you.

And so is this blog post about life at Weneda Communications.

1 Comment

[…] En un contexto como este, resulta difícil plantearse una estrategia personal que de verdad podamos seguir a la hora de plantearnos objetivos. Las herramientas, después de todo, son simplemente eso, herramientas, de manera que no podemos hablar de “una estrategia en Facebook, en Twitter o en LinkedIn”, sino de una…. […]

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