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BA, MA, PhD, DNA published on 4 Comments on BA, MA, PhD, DNA

I’m a few years away from having to see one of my kids leave home for college or university for the first time. So at the moment, it’s still an abstract thing.

But it’s coming, this thing where they grow up and move out, it’s coming like a bullet train, and it’ll be here before I know it. And as proud and excited as I’ll be, I know it’ll hurt like hell.

So: parents who are saying goodbye this week to your kids for the next year… this cartoon’s for you.

By the way, it was a tossup at my end between this caption and the one below. Big thanks to the NtoS Facebook posse for helping me choose!



I hear you Rob..and my oldest is only 6. I feel like I will blink and we will be driving away from his dorm room in silent reflection. I encourage parents to “parent in a way that your child will WANT to come back for a visit at thanksgiving” (not in a make them happy and give them everything they want way (!), but to always focus on the relationship first). You guys got that one covered!

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