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Attention, mobile shoppers

Attention, mobile shoppers published on No Comments on Attention, mobile shoppers

Here’s one for all you holiday shoppers out there, fresh from ReadWriteWeb. I said over there that stores have good reason to worry about customers walking in clutching their iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys:

Which means customers are bringing the competition into the bricks-and-mortar stores with them — and they can switch allegiance as easily as point, click, swipe, call up the keyboard, tap tap tap, dammit, backspace, no, that wasn’t it, tap tap (repeat eight or nine times)… submit.

So maybe stores should think twice this holiday season about trying to trim costs by thinning their staff. Longer lineups don’t just discourage shoppers, they give them the means, motive and opportunity to shop elsewhere.

That said, just abandoning your cart would be kind of a dickish thing to do. Forcing those overworked staff to restock all the stuff you took off the shelves – that just isn’t in the Festivus spirit.

And since we’re in a retail frame of mind, for a limited time only, this cartoon comes FREE with a live video capture of its rendering:

…AND with the alternate version of the caption, which I just never did quite make work:
(shopper with a full cart in a long checkout line, to a companion) I'm buying it all online, too. Let's see who's slower, the cashiers or my 3G connection.

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