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7. Eminence front

7. Eminence front published on No Comments on 7. Eminence front

There’s an aspect of public speaking that a lot of people find difficult — and that’s after they’ve gotten past the anxiety, the ums and uhs, and the little mannerisms and tics (for the love of god, put the pen down).

On the stage, as you project yourself to the room emotions at all, you’re — I hope — being honest, open and, yes, authentic.

Here’s the part they find hard: You’re also performing.

Because feeling an emotion is different from conveying an emotion. And if you’re talking in front of an audience of hundreds or thousands, you’re constantly making more-or-less conscious decisions about just how that conveying will happen.

If you don’t do that, then oddly enough, chances are you’ll come across as stilted, unnatural and unfeeling.

When you’re coaching someone on their speaking, the moment they get that is often the moment they break through and start connecting with their audiences at a much deeper and more meaningful level.

You can take it too far, of course. You don’t want to become an actor doing an only-somewhat-convincing portrayal of yourself. But my experience is you know instinctively when you’re about to cross that line.

It’s great to be starting a new storyline! But remind me to kick myself the next time I start drawing a strip with a different location in every panel.

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