1. Photo op

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Introducing Damage Control. Stories torn from the headlines! Compelling human drama! Characters that have to look vaguely the same from one frame to the next! In case anyone’s wondering, the characters are all fictitious. But like anyone else who’s worked in political communications, I’ve lived through this kind of crisis scenario. After the eighth or… Continue reading 1. Photo op

2. Or maybe tilt-shift

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For anyone whose bread and butter involves message control and carefully rolled-out communication plans, it’s terrifying to contemplate the fact that there are more mobile phones in any given room than there are bacteria. (True fact. It must be – I read it on a PowerPoint slide somewhere.) You can spend three months and untold… Continue reading 2. Or maybe tilt-shift

3. Ctrl-Z! CTRL-Z!!!

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I’m a big believer in having people learn by doing. Guide them, but let explore an interface, discover the feature they’re looking for and use it. But it’s maddening. Because if you’re like me, nothing, nothing is harder than watching someone else use a computer and do it wrong. The urge to reach over and seize… Continue reading 3. Ctrl-Z! CTRL-Z!!!

4. You woke me for THIS?

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There are many cardinal sins in communications strategy, but one of the biggies is to get everyone wound up over a crisis that turns out to be nothing. I did this in the early years of my career (which is to say, up until, oh, Tuesday last). Most offices have at least one person who does… Continue reading 4. You woke me for THIS?

5. Invitation-only

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It’s pretty easy to be brought up short when a client or boss comes out with something valid and challenging in an area of technical or specialized knowledge where you thought they were… well, kind of clueless. It upsets the balance of power that you often find in these relationships: yes, they’re paying you, but… Continue reading 5. Invitation-only