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3. Ctrl-Z! CTRL-Z!!!

3. Ctrl-Z! CTRL-Z!!! published on 3 Comments on 3. Ctrl-Z! CTRL-Z!!!

I’m a big believer in having people learn by doing. Guide them, but let explore an interface, discover the feature they’re looking for and use it.

But it’s maddening. Because if you’re like me, nothing, nothing is harder than watching someone else use a computer and do it wrong. The urge to reach over and seize the mouse or smack their fingers off the trackpad is almost overwhelming. It’s taken a lot of introspection and soul-searching to stop making little frustrated mewing noises when someone uses the menu to cut and paste instead of keyboard shortcuts.



I purposely use menus when people are stood around me just to annoy the hell out of them. I hold a personal tote on who will break first and say ‘did you know you can do ctrl-foo to foo’. One day one of my team will beat me to death with a mouse!!

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