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(TV news anchor) I've just been handed some breaking news... or to those of you on Twitter, 'that thing we've already been talking about for days.' (frustrated laptop user) Well, that was a total waste. I just thought of an idea that's too long for Twitter, too short for Google+ and too smart for Facebook (prosecutor to accused) To quote further from people’s exhibit A, your Twitter feed, “@holdupguy I’m in the getaway vehicle with the money and hostages. Where RU?” (woman using laptop, to man) I can't talk to you right now. I'm catching up on your tweets.


I like the 4th one most. It's very true. A neighbor living next door for 20 year who never bothered to talk to you more than three words would probably get in touch with you because of Twitter. It makes me wonder if the online social network makes us closer to even more separated from each other.

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