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Saturday extra: Just…one… more… tweak

Saturday extra: Just…one… more… tweak published on 4 Comments on Saturday extra: Just…one… more… tweak

Here’s one I dashed off in the wee hours as both Alex and I were consumed with making absolutely critical adjustments to our respective blog themes. (Which is why there’s a better-than-even chance you’re reading this in 15.5-point InfraZombie Ultracondensed Pukeybold.)

For some of us, blog themes are what flower gardens were to our parents, hot rods were to our grandparents and folk cures for Spanish flu were to our great-grandparents: things we could tinker with indefinitely. And Alex has just installed a WordPress theme called Thesis, which is currently pretty hot among certain heavy-hitting bloggers and benefits from a startling degree of customizability.

(Oddly enough, I’m a lot less inclined to frak with the Social Signal site template, because it was built by people whose skills vastly outstrip mine – Aaron snatched the pebbles from my hand ages ago. One misplaced semi-colon, and I could burn down the server building. Or worse, install Farmville on the Facebook profiles of everyone who visits the site.)

I’m pretty sure a lot of Noise to Signal’s readers are cut from the same cloth. Are you?


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