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(Dad with baby son introduces himself) I'm an email marketer. My name's Jerry, and this here's %FIRSTNAME%.



There’s a difference between “personal” and “personalized.”

Those of us in communications have a habit of throwing around terms like “engagement,” “conversation” and “relationship” – when what we really mean is “clicks and Likes,” “getting bombarded with our bumpf” and “database record.”  We should stop, unless we’re willing to put the work into backing up those words with meaning. People can usually tell the inside of a conversation from the inside of a sales funnel.

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This one goes out to Scott Stratten, of Unmarketing fame, who inspired it with a Facebook post a few days ago.

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The title for today’s cartoon may owe just a little to [title of show]. If you’ve never checked it out, you’re missing a treat.

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