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Looking back at 2009

It was the okay-est of times, it was the meh-est of times.

From the election of the first American social media president… to a nod to social media from the mainstreamiest of mainstream media¬†(Oxford Dictionary, for god’s sake!)… it’s been a big, tumultuous sprawling toddler of a year, prone to tantrums and potty accidents but adorable nonetheless.

Here, then, is 2009 the way it was meant to be remembered… in doodles.

Deep thanks to Alex (she of the Social + Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University) for producing the video.

And if you want to have a gander at the individual cartoons, good news: we have them right here.

And if you’re partial to reading at your own pace, here’s the Slideshare version:

In related news, Noise to Signal is kicking off 2010 in style… starting with its very own online home. You should find it a lot easier to find the latest cartoons, and all sorts of other cool goodness should be possible.

For now, you’ll be finding the odd patch of bare drywall and the occasional missing floorboard. Bear with us, wear thick-soled boots and things should be ship-shape in no time.

December 28, 2009 | 13 Comments