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Home page on the plain: Web 2.0, busted

Damn. A commenter named Tory, responding to a 37signals blog post, has our number: I know exactly what web 2.0 is: pretentious oversized fonts pastel colors buzzwords featureless “user experiences” overly friendly and self-important copy acronyms Basically it’s...

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Stop corporate abuse, change the world, live in Boston

One of the first big international campaigns to ever hit my radar was the Nestlé boycott: a successful mobilization of consumer outrage over Nestlé's aggressive -- and destructive -- marketing of breastmilk substitutes to mothers in poor countries. Now the people...

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We’re hiring…

You could be the newest member of Social Signal, a Vancouver web company that helps to create innovative online communities. We're looking for a deputy geek and virtual office manager who can pitch in on a wide range of socially-oriented web projects and help with our...

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WordPress to Drupal: a luta continua

I'm considering migrating this site from the superb open-source blogging platform WordPress to the superb open-source content-management system Drupal. It turns out that isn't nearly as simple as it sounds. You would think it would be easy. To move the content, all...

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Reporters Without Borders helps bloggers without rights

The fine folks at Reporters Without Borders have written what they call a handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents: Bloggers are often the only real journalists in countries where the mainstream media is censored or under pressure. Only they provide independent...

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Open-source travel: Tell Lee and Sachi where to go

When someone tells you they're about to travel to one of your favourite destinations for the first time, the urge to flood them with information -- likes, dislikes, hidden treasures, tourist traps, that restaurant that gave you the runs for a week -- is nearly...

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CBC lockout may be the first ever Web 2.0 labour campaign

It's going to be really, really good to have the CBC back. But I'll miss the highly personal style of CBCUnlocked. The corporation's web team would do well to take a close look at what made that site work so well. And I'll also miss the extraordinary efforts of Tod...

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Back up

...And the site is back up, now housed with our new hosts. We did, in the end, choose Dreamhost. I was wary given the experience of one of our commenters (and he's no slouch in the tech department), but in the end we were seduced by the large user community and the...

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Vanishing act

I'm making a few changes behind the scenes at this site today. There may be a brief outage, sporadic fires, itching and occasional locusts. Definitely occasional locusts. But we'll be back shortly. Thanks for bearing with us.

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Is there a zombie computer on the provincial payroll?

I've just been comment-spammed from the IP address What's interesting about that particular address is that it belongs to the British Columbia Systems Corporation... a division of your friendly provincial government. Eeep. I've alerted the authorities....

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Found poetry

From my latest deluge of comment spam: "you have a very talented and skilled writting." Wow. Coming from such an accomplished writter, that's quite the compliment.

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